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Indoor Lighting

  1. We have a variety of indoor lightings for both commercial and residential projects, including:
  2. Downlight (Surface Mount, Recessed Mount, Trimless, Flush mount)
  3. Tracklight (Single circuit, 3 circuit, Low-Voltage track, LV Magnetic mount tracklight)
  4. Led Strip (High quality LED chips, with optional waterproof fitting, Amber, White color, RGB, RGBW)
  5. Aluminum Profile Light (Surface Mount, Pendant/Suspension, with T5/T8 retrofit/LED module)
  6. Neon Flex (Horizontal/ Vertical bendable, chasing effect with DMX program, totally even light distribution, no light hot spot on surface)
  7. Decorative Light (Classic, Contemporary, from European brands, Australian brand and China alternatives)
  8. Led Panel (Think flat panel, Nanoleaf, Lumisheet, and bendable and cuttable soft panel)
  9. Troffer (Direct, Indirect panel with optional T5/T8 retrofit or LED module)
  10. Triproof (widely used in commercial kitchen and construction site)
  11. Emergency Light (standalone fittings or e-kit to equipped with other light fixtures)